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… looking after your property with efficiency and quality

we commit ourselves to provide the following services at a fixed monthly fee.
  • Presenting quarterly accounts statements.
  • Full weekly check up on the property and airing out rooms.
  • Immediate check up on the property when sever weather occurs.
  • Reporting on the condition and  upkeeping of the property and its  equipment /appliances.
  • Supervision of swimming pool maintenance ( if applicable ).
  • Supervisionof all garden maintenance ( if applicable ).
  • Payments of all property related bills on owners behalf.
  • Obtaining ( purchasing ) necessary utensils for the property when needed.
  • Representing owners at all condominium meetings ( if applicable ).
  • Obtaining quotes for any work required on the property.
  • Supervision  of all services carried out by other contractors.

 … looking after your guests 24 hours  a day,  7 days a week.

  • Welcoming guests at any time
  • Providing guide booklet with local maps
  • Able to arrange special requests, if required in advance
  • Providing a 24 hour emergency contact phone number

Great news for all Portuguese property owners

The Portuguese property rental law (Portaria n._/200x) has recently approved some very important matters.

All property accommodation, that are available for rent, but are not registered as a tourist development, are now classed as; Alojamento Local or Local Accommodation and must be licensed and registered with the local authority. Failure to do so can result in heavy fines. This rental license law applies not only to the Algarve but to the whole of Portugal.

In order to obtain a rental license on properties in Portugal the property must meet strict legal standards of safety and hygiene. If, upon inspection, the property does not meet these standards the rental license will be refused or revoked.

For a flat fee, we will organize a professional property licensing service in the Western Algarve. Our aim is to assist owners to obtain a rental licenses. Our experience and bilingual staff will guide you through the application process and will be responsible for all aspects of the application, to acquire the necessary documentation, arranging inspections by a registered engineers (electric and Gas) and to provide the required safety equipment.

We will only register your property with the local authority once we are certain that it meets all the criteria, and would pass the most rigorous of inspections.

Once the application is approved it will be stamped by the local authority which constitutes a legally valid agreement to commence renting. In the subsequent sixty days they may order a physical inspection of the property to confirm that all the conditions have been met.

For more information on any aspect of the new property rental laws, including the application process, a breakdown of costs, and the tax implications please do not hesitate to contact us.




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