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What To Do In… or, Get For…

Other than “ to be or not to be, ”  ”  what should I do, or get?  ” to make this an unforgettable holiday experience. This is, off course the ultimate dilemma of every one. Just as important, however, knows what not to do on holiday especially in these days.

“Your concierge team can provide  advice,  access to attractions  and activities  and  help  with  a  whole  host of requirements”

“AQUALAND “A world of water attractions for the whole family to enjoy, experience a mixture of water slides of all different shapes and sizes, from adrenaline rushes to moments of relax whilst watching the little ones enjoy themselves at their very own water playground, Children’s Paradise, Aqualand has something for everyone. Enjoy water!

” BOM DIA “ Sailing Cruises has been operating in Lagos for nearly 30 years. They offer clients 2 hour trips to the caves, family fishing trips and 4½ hour BBQ-cruises in the Bay of Lagos. Until the early nineties, Bom Dia Sailing Cruises were operating with only one traditional Portuguese sailing boat, the boat which actually gave the company its name, Bom Dia (which means: ‘Good Morning’). Due to the success of our product and the fast growing tourist industry in Lagos and the rest of the Algarve , we decided to add another traditional boat to the company. In 1994 Bom Dia Sailing Cruises became the proud owner of Falcão Veloz ( Fast Falcon ).
Baia de Lagos (4 hours)
On this cruise we sail in the Bay of Lagos and continue along caves and rock formations. After experiencing this beauty of nature we anchor in a sheltered bay. Here the crew will prepare and serve diner.
There is a possibility to sunbathe or swim. We show you the famous caves of ‘Ponta de Piedade’ by smaller boat. Then we raise the sails. Time for you to feel the magic of sailing, relax, sip a cocktail and enjoy the sun, sea and the view.
Adults: 52,50€
Children(age 5-10): 25,00€

Grotto Trip (2 hours)

On a two hour trip we sail from Lagos to ‘Ponta da Piedade’, where we anchor. Changing to a smaller boat, we show you the famous caves and rock formations. There is a possibility to sunbathe or swim.

Adults: 25,00€
Children (age 5-10): 12,50€

Family Fishing (3 hours)
Our fishing trips are suitable for both beginners and proffesionals. In the relaxed atmosphere on board even those fishing for the first will feel completely at ease.
The experienced staff is there to help you and you are allowed to take your catch of the day home!

Adults: 40,00€
Children (age 5-10): 30,00€
Spectators: 30,00€